China is a land of incredible contrasts, a place where startling evidence of its historic past jostles for prominence with its modern aspirations. The combination of China's natural beauty, a heritage spanning 5,000 years of history and culture, mouth-watering cuisineand highly modern cities will amaze you. Experience the friendliness and the hospitality of the people that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. Enjoy a truly enriching holiday featuring breathtaking scenery, rich historical sites, awe-inspiring icons and colourful folklore.

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China Holidays


Beijing provides a true taste of China, where ancient wonders and pious icons struggle to exist beside modern life and dynamic progress. Discover “Old Beijing" by exploring its many major attractions as well as its charming teahouses, temples and markets... read more

Xian is home to The Terracotta Warriors, one of China's major tourist attractions. This world famous spectacle features over 10,000 stone soldiers, archers and chariots standing in battle formation. Other attractions in Xian include the old city walls and the Muslim quarter... read more

Shanghai, China’s largest and most developed city, enjoys a vibrant atmosphere and boasts a huge variety of modern entertainment options as well as historically significant sights. The picturesque Bund, Shanghai's waterfront promenade, is renowned for its lively ambiance and its strip of Art Deco buildings... read more


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