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Welcome to Joe Walsh Tours Worldwide Holidays section, offering an exciting range of long haul holiday experiences featuring exotic destinations and inspiring holiday ideas. From great value getaways to top of the range luxury there is a perfect holiday experience for everyone to look forward to.

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With hard times in mind, we will make sure that your “out of this world” holiday won’t cost you the earth. As a family run, 100% Irish Company, we remain committed to traditional customer service principles. We are passionate about holidays and our expert travel consultants have travelled extensively and are enthusiastic about their specialised destinations. You can rely on our indispensable experience of more than 50 years to deliver your perfect worldwide holiday experience based on your travel requirements and to suit your own budget.

That said, let yourself sit back, relax, browse through our comprehensive selection of Worldwide Holidays and get inspired. Then, let Joe Walsh Tours take you Worldwide to soak up the invigorating experience of exotic cultures, landscapes and cuisines.

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Antigua is a paradise island with the clearest of aquamarine waters and the softest of white sand. It is an idyllic retreat with a fabulous climate and perfect scenery. read more

Australia is a land of incredible spectacles, with a range of fantastic experiences to engage and excite you on each and every day of your holiday. read more

Bali & Lombok
The island of Bali is blessed with stunning natural beauty and a heavenly tropical climate. Discover idyllic beaches, washed by the balmy waters of the Indian Ocean, glossy rice paddies on tiered hillsides & lush, tropical rainforests. read more

Barbados & Grenadines
With its superb climate and famous 'laid back' attitude, it is hard to imagine a more perfect place for a relaxing holiday than Barbados. Miles of sandy, palm fringed beaches set the scene for a truly enjoyable Caribbean experience. read more

Botswana is a rural wilderness of salt pans, savannas, deserts and wetlands, and provides a uniquely African escape incorporating the best of untamed and unspoiled hinterland. read more

China is a land of incredible contrasts, a place where startling evidence of its historic past jostles for prominence with its modern aspirations. read more

Drifters Africa
Luxury lodges, located in breathtakingly beautiful places in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, provide the ideal base to explore this wonderful continent. read more

Dubai is a diverse and delightful holiday destination offering glitz, glamour and a huge choice of entertainment options. A modern and cosmopolitan city, it also enjoys a rich Arabian culture and tradition. read more

The Fiji Islands are an archipelago of over 330 islands in the South Pacific offering blissful beaches and a choice of beautiful resorts. The sun shines almost every day and makes for perfect conditions for lounging on the many stunning beaches, cruising the south sea, snorkelling, diving and a whole host of other water-sports. read more

Hong Kong
Hong Kong offers visitors a dazzling and unforgettable experience with its unique blend of ancient oriental culture and modern city life. read more

Explore fascinating Indochina - a country of contrasts with spectacular scenery, pristine sandy beaches and historical heritage that is Vietnam, an ancient land of Cambodia offering a fascinating range of cultural and historical rarities, or the traditionally preserved quaint villages of the stunning Laos. read more

Malaysia is a first-class holiday destination with year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches and stunning natural jungle and rainforest scenery. It stretches south from Thailand to Singapore, with tiny islands scattered just offshore. read more

The Maldives is a melting pot of different cultures with settlers from Asia, Africa and Europe influencing the local music and dance, cuisine and customs. read more

Lying in peaceful seclusion in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is the ultimate paradise island. Of volcanic origin, its jungle-clad mountains sweep down to wide sugar plantations, with miles of pure white sand beaches and coral lagoons. read more

Mexico, rich in reminders of ancient civilizations, is also a modern developing nation. Temples and cathedrals contrast with futuristic buildings and fully-equipped beach resorts. read more

Muscat, the capital city of Oman, is the second largest city in the Arabian Gulf and offers world-class hotels and glitzy restaurants, ornate mosques and ancient stone city walls, combined with traditional Arabian culture and charm. It is the perfect choice for a relaxing break in truly deluxe surroundings. read more

New Zealand
New Zealand is a country of incredible beauty, with stunning landscapes and rare ecological and environmental treasures. When you visit you will understand why its pure and unspoilt scenery was used in all its glory in the Lord of the Rings movies as it's a country where there are no artificial special effects – just raw natural beauty. read more

On the surface modern day Singapore is a cosmopolitan city of skyscrapers and sophistication, but delve a little deeper and you will discover a vibrant mix of ethnic diversity, delicious cuisine inspired by local cultures and fascinating tradition, with sightseeing opportunities to suit everyone. read more

St. Lucia is one of the most scenic islands in the Caribbean providing the perfect island getaway in glorious surroundings - its beautiful coastline is overlooked by volcanic peaks, while dense jungle canopies its remote valleys. read more

South Africa
South Africa is a large, diverse and incredibly beautiful country, with spectacular scenery, excellent weather, friendly people and great value for money. From the rugged coastline of Cape Town to the ferocious beasts of Kruger National Park it has something to offer everyone. read more

Discover amazing Thailand, a Kingdom of contrasts and the most diverse holiday destination in the Far East. Here you can experience the delights of a rich Siamese culture featuring idyllic beaches and exotic scenic beauty, native tradition, modern city sophistication and unspoiled rural wilderness. read more

The Victoria Falls is the largest curtain of water in the world at 1,708m wide and between 90m and 107m high. An average of 550,000 m of the Zambezi River crashes down over the edge every minute into the Batoka Gorge, providing a truly awesome sight. read more


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