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Paul the Apostle was one of the earliest Christian missionaries. His first journey took him to Cyprus where he converted the Roman governor, making the island the first Christian state in the world.


Follow the route that St. Paul travelled through the mountains and visit the Cathedral of St. John, the fascinating Byzantine Museum at the Archbishop’s Palace and Monastery of Agios Herakleidios.


Where St. Eraklidios Monastery is located. Here St. Paul met Eraklidios, who later converted to Christianity.


St. Lazarus, the friend of Jesus, who was persecuted and left Judea for Cyprus, lived the rest of his life here. The St. Lazarus Church houses the holy relics of the saint.


The Angeloktisti Church, with its magnificent 6th Century mosaics made of semi-precious stones and gold is located in the picturesque village near Larnaca.


Where the tomb of St. Barnabas and the Monastery built on an ancient basilica are located. We also have the opportunity to visit the Kolossi Castle, headquarters of the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.


St. Paul’s Pillar, which the saint was tied to and lashed by the Roman governor of Paphos as a punishment for preaching Christianity, is located in Paphos. After this episode, Paul managed to convert the governor to Christianity, making Cyprus the first Christian state in the world.

Kykko Monastery

The island’s largest and most spectacular monastery completed in 1092 A.D. and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It possesses one of the three surviving icons ascribed to St. Luke.

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