Venice is a unique city, full of elegant buildings and palaces that peer over the ancient maze of narrow streets and labyrinth of canals. Discover this breath-taking floating city while exploring the world-famous treasures and venture off to the nearby Murano, Burano or Torcello islands for an extensive experience of the rich cultural heritage scattered around the Venetian Lagoon. Padua, the oldest city in Northern Italy and the European mecca of education with its 800 year old university is only a stone’s throw away from Venice – let your students experience the medieval academic spirit that is felt between its walls.

» St. Mark’s Square & Basilica
» Grand Canal
» Doge’s Palace
» Bridge of Sighs
» Rialto Bridge
» Church of St. Zacchary
» Jewish Ghetto
» Church of the Frari

Museums & Exhibitions
» Galleria dell’Accademia Venezia
» Peggy Guggenheim Collection
» Ca’ d’Oro - Giorgio Franchetti Gallery
» Museum of 18th-Century Venice
» Naval History Museum and the Arsenal


Famous for its glass making, particularly lampworking.
» Glass Museum
» Church of Santa Maria e San Donato


Known for its lacework and its small, brightly-painted houses.
» Museum and School of Lacemaking
» Church of San Martino
» Oratorio di Santa Barbara


Torcello became the most important settlement in the Venetian Lagoon when Germanic invasions began in 5th century.
» Santa Maria Assunta, the first cathedral of Venice


Padua was the academic centre of the powerful Venetian Republic and one of the most important medieval and Renaissance cities in Italy.
» Basilica of St. Anthony
» Europe’s first Botanical Garden
» Scrovegni Chapel
» Bo’ Palace - University of Padua

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