The Rhine has been a chief route for traders, intellectuals, artists and the religious for over 2,000 years, having played an important role in the growth of Germany. It is also the home of many of Germany’s largest and most modern cities such as Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn and Mainz.


Germany’s fourth largest city, one of Europe’s major metropolitan areas and home of Eau de Cologne, Cologne also houses one of Europe’s oldest and largest universities and hosts a number of major yearly cultural events, earning itself a reputation of a vibrant cultural centre that never sleeps.

Highlights include:
» Cologne Cathedral
» German Sports and Olympic Museum
» Cologne Chocolate Museum
» Schnütgen Museum - Cologne’s best collection of religious art and sculpture


The charming town housing nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites is truly impressive with its rich history and a youthful modern lifestyle. Discover its beautiful streets, marvellous churches, stunning medieval squares, exciting museums, lush Moselle vineyards and excellent shopping.

Highlights include:
» Trier Cathedral
» Church of Our Dear Lady
» Rhineland Museum - A great museum of Roman antiquities


Surrounded by four low mountain ranges and titled as “the most beautiful corner in Germany”, the 2000 year old town of Koblenz is rich in historical buildings, cultural monuments, enchanting squares, beautiful river promenades, friendly citizens and its relaxed pace of life. Enjoying spectacular views from Ehrenbreitstein Fortress sitting high above the river Rhine is the highlight of the visit to this cosy German town.

Highlights include:
» Church of Our Lady
» Town Hall
» Church of St. Castor
» Ehrenbreitstein Fortress


Welcome to Germany’s former Bundesstadt (Federal city), a historical capital of West Germany and a relaxed city on the Rhine with a history of more than two millennia. Discover Bonn’s historical sites uncovering its international political influences, learn about the birthplace of the musical genius Ludwig van Beethoven, admire superb pieces of artwork at the Bonn Museum of Modern Art or take a stroll along Rheinsteig, an adventurous hiking path revealing the breath-taking beauty of the Upper Central Rhine Valley – a UNESCO World Heritage site with magnificent castles, palaces, cultural monuments and enchanting vistas.

Highlights include:
» House of History of the German Republic
» Beethoven House
» Bonn Museum of Modern Art

Other attractions
» Marksburg Castle
» Rhine River Cruise

» Aqualand Water Park
» Phantasialand Theme Park
» Cochem Leisure Centre
» Freizeitbad Tauris Swimming Pool

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