The highlights of Greece are the traces of ancient culture that can be seen all over the country. Well-preserved archaeological sites and great museums will give students deeper insights into the nature and history of ancient Greek societies.

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The historical capital of Europe, the cradle of the European civilization, Athens has evolved into a charming modern metropolis, never ceasing to impress. read more

This major ancient site was both a religious sanctuary and an athletic complex when the first Olympic races were run in 776 B.C. read more

Believed to be the centre of the world by the ancient Greeks, Delphi has a long and glorious history, spectacular ancient remains and a superb museum. read more

Cape Sounion
Set upon the dramatic coast at Cape Sounion in southern Attica, the Temple of Poseidon could not please the god of seas better. read more

The impressive ruins of Mycenae archaeological site, bearing the treasures of one of the major ancient Greek civilization centres is a must-see. read more

The highlights of Epidavros is the recently revived theatre of Epidaurus and the ancient Greek sanctuary located 8 kilometres away from the modern town borders which was renowned in the Classical world for its magical healing powers. read more

Inhabited since 5000 BC, Korinthos was one of the greatest cities of ancient Greece that played a key role during the Peliponnesian War. read more


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